Early Bird Tournament Game #1

Mitchell Fox   September 18th 2016

               A new season is right around the corner for the Streetsville Stingers as they come into the Early Bird Tournament hosted by the Duffield Devils. The expectations are high as the team is coming off back to back great seasons where they finished first in their group. Of course, the coaches are not expecting the team to win every game but they are looking for improvement. There are four new players joining the team after the departure of Ethan “Jar Jar” Misa and the movement of #11 Mitchell Fox and #22 Conner Bradshaw to the taxi squad. There is Walker Moulton…a monster defence-man with a powerful shot, Cole Kubas… A power forward with a knack for scoring, former stinger coming back from Clarkson, Dylan Van Damme and a new second goalie, William Machado. William will be splitting 50-50 with returning goalie #31 Brendan Fox. The Stingers are looking to defend their spot on top of the podium at this tournament.

Their first game came against the Brampton Bears at Scotiabank Pond Arena. Davis, Dylan, Liam, Jack and Evan were on for the opening draw that was won by Brampton. Right away, the puck went to the Stinger’s end but it meant nothing. A beauty breakout pass by Dylan van Damme led to a goal for Liam McCluckie. The game continued on and the Stingers got back into the Bears end. The Stingers forecheck was not looking good early, though. They were not using their 2-1-2 style and they were not passing to their defencemen in the offensive zone.

The good news was that the Stingers were keeping the puck out. Between great passing from Davis’ line and amazing breakouts by the whole team, the Stingers were able to stop Brampton from shooting on Brendan Fox. The defence was good at the end of the period too. Tommy, jack and Shane were doing especially good job of shutting down the Bears. With sixteen seconds left in the period, a big Brampton player crushed Dylan at the boards. Dylan was okay and the Stingers got to finish the period on the powerplay. Good news as it was 1-0 Stingers after one.

The second period started with the Stingers on the powerplay. The Bears tried to turn things around by getting a shorthanded breakaway, but Brendan pulled off a great save. Later on in the powerplay, the Stingers got their chance. Jack Newall took a long shot from the point that bounced off of a defenceman and through the goalie’s legs. This gave Brampton a sense of urgency. They instantly got aggressive. The teams battled at the boards over and over but the Stingers kept coming. They got good shooting chances and showed off their great forecheck. Then, Jack put home his second of the night. Cole Kubas took a good shot and Aiden Dojutrek picked up the rebound. He then passed the puck over to Jack and he let another one rip. It bounced off a stick in front of the net and found a nice spot under the goalie’s glove. The Stingers did not stop their. Brendan kept them going with some amazing saves and the offence kept piling chances on. Next came an unlucky break for the Stingers. A bad change led to a too many men call that put Brampton on the powerplay with a chance to make it a two goal game. Although Brampton’s passing was not good, they were able to put one off of brendan on the second rebound of a good chance. The period ended 3-1 for the Stingers and they were outplaying their opponents.

Early on in the period, Aiden showed off his skills in the corner. After losing a defender, he made a nice pass across to Cole. Sadly, he missed the puck on the one timer. The Stingers started to lose their touch after that though. With bad giveaways by the defence and forwards, the Bears were able to get a couple of good shots and chances. Brendan even had to stop a goal by poke checking a loose puck that two guys were going for. Then, Jack got a penalty for tripping. The Stingers played a good penalty kill and even got a good rush by Henry. Brendan had to make a few too many saves for the coaches’ liking. Another problem followed this up. A penalty for Dylan right as the penalty ended forced Matthew and Aiden to have an amazing penalty kill. Then, it got worse. Cole got a penalty and the Stingers were down two men. Luckily, the Stingers worked through it and avoided any good chances for Brampton. The game continued on back and forth until a new taxi squad player, Carl Breukelman made something happen. He won a battle and made a great outlet pass from deep in the Stingers’ end. Dylan caught the pass, deked out a defender and boosted to the outside. He cut to the middle, avoided a poke check from the goalie and roofed a sweet goal. So, good offence led to a great 4-1 win for the Stingers.


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