Early Bird Tournament Game #2

Mitchell Fox    September 18th 2016

           The Stingers were back on the ice later that day. This second game would come against the team that the Stingers beat in the ninth round of the shootout in the finals last year, the Duffield Devils. They are also the host of the tournament and have are facing the Stingers for the fifth time in three years of this tournament. The Stingers also played against them in the regular season last year. No doubt that it will be a good game.

Matthew, Aiden, Cole, Trent and Walker were on the ice to start the game. William Machado was starting his first non-exhibition game as a Stinger. Duffield won the draw but the Stingers got ahold of the puck early. Aiden intercepted a pass and skated into the Duffield zone for a shot on net. The puck instantly started to go back and forth from one end to the other. At 9:02 in the first, Duffield took an early lead. They were able to put one high over William’s shoulder. Right after the faceoff, the puck came back to the Stingers end. Duffield got some chances close to the net but did not get any real shots. The puck was cleared by the Stingers but Duffield came right back. After some good passing in the Stingers’ end by Duffield, they were able take a shot that got a big rebound to come off of William. They shot the rebound passed William as he sprawled over to make the save. The Stingers defence was not good to start the game and the whole team was giving the puck away far too often in the first five minutes of the first. One good player for the Stingers in the first period was #27 Matthew Siracusa. He showed off speed and skill with a good forecheck followed closely by a great backcheck. The defence started to get back on their feet as Tommy and Shane made some great plays in the neutral zone. Duffield continued to get good chances at William as the Singers got a penalty. Walker was called for tripping. Duffield was not able to get many chances on the powerplay as Shane, Tommy, Henry and Danny did a good job of blocking shots and clearing the puck. The period ends 2-0 for Duffield.

The Stingers finished off the penalty kill to start the period and only half a minute later, were on the powerplay. Some pushing in front of William led to a penalty for Duffield for roughing. The Duffield player actually slashed Jack on the way to the box but the refs did not notice. The Stingers tried their best to take advantage of the powerplay. Trent got a great shot on net from the blue line and the Stingers kept it in the Duffield zone for most of the powerplay. The only problem was that the Stingers were not taking any shots at the net. Shortly after the powerplay ended, Danny got a nice breakaway. He was not quite able to get it past the big Duffield goalie. Next came another powerplay for Duffield. Two minutes for slashing to Cole. William had to make a couple of key saves on the penalty kill including reading a very tough tip. The penalty kill for the Stingers was decent but Duffield was still outshooting the Stingers by a little bit. Every time the Stingers got a chance, Duffield got the puck and brought it back to the Stingers’ end and visa versa so neither team was able to get a lot of shots in the second. A rough second period came to a close and it was still 2-0 for Duffield.

The third period started with some good chances for Duffield close to the net. The Stingers were able to get it out and even draw a penalty. Early in the powerplay, the Stingers finally got on the board. Two good passes lead to a big wrist shot from far by Evan Yong. The Stingers started to get really into the game after that. Evan had a great defensive play, Aiden had a chance on an odd man rush and the Stingers forced some big turnovers by Duffield. All of this good play lead to another penalty for Duffield. Too many men on the ice was the call as the Stingers were back on the man advantage. Shane got a good shot on net from the point but Duffield cleared the puck instantly. As the Devils came into the offensive end, offside was called. The scramble draw was poked out by Duffield…right onto Matthew’s stick. He made a few nice moves as he made his way passed almost the whole Duffield team and got a great shot on net. The puck soared right under the goalie’s glove and the Stingers had tied it up. This was followed up by the go-ahead goal. Carl made a nice move and got a shot on goal. Danny Serson picked up the loose puck and popped it into the net. Duffield did all that they could to get back in the game. They got two nice shots on William and forced the Stingers to play the body. Carl was the unlucky culprit. He put too much contact on the Duffield player as he moved toward the boards. A penalty for body checking at 0:55 left in the game was not what the Stingers wanted. Twenty-six seconds later, it all went bad. Duffield deked out Tommy and put a nice shot over William’s shoulder to tie it all up. With only seconds left in the game, a four on four started after a guy tripped Davis and Tommy put him on his butt. The Stingers were too aggressive at the end of the third period and the game ended a 3-3 tie. William had a great game as he was forced to make thirteen great saves. Matthew and Danny also had amazing games. They each scored a goal and they each played like they wanted to win.


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