Early Bird Tournament Semi-Finals

Mitchell Fox        September 18th 2016

            The Stingers were able to squeeze into the Semi-Finals after a 2-2 tie with York Mills. This meant that they were going to face the Caledon Hawks in a win or go home semi-final. Caledon is the team that beat the Stingers in their only exhibition game so far. The Stingers struggled in that game and lost 5-3. Evan Kerr was making his debut as well.

Davis, Liam, Dylan, Jack and Evan hopped onto the ice to start the game. Davis moved his stick forward and won the faceoff cleanly. Caledon was able to steal the puck and take it straight to the Stingers end. It didn’t look good until Aiden got ahold of the puck. He took off and got passed multiple defenceman as he came in on a breakaway and put the puck passed the goalie. Less than twenty-five seconds later, Matthew took off and put another one into the netting. The game continued on and both teams got some chances. Caledon did not get their first shot until 5:01 and William made the save look easy. Both teams got some chances as the game got aggresive. The amount of small battles won by the Stingers was outstanding. Then, Caledon got their chance. A skilled Caledon player deked out ommy and sniped a powerful shot over William’s shoulder. The period continued but the Stingers back check was not good enough. The first period ends 2-1 for Streetsville after a ton of rough play.

The second period started and the Stingers got straight to the offence. A nice shot by Aiden lead to a great goal on a rebound by Cole. At 7:54 left in the period, Trent played some nice defence but got called for tripping. On the penalty kill, the Stingers kept up their good work. Aiden got a nice shorthanded breakaway and then the Stingers cleared the puck every time Caledon got a chance. The penalty kill ended and the Stingers’ fans were surprised by the lack of penalties for Caledon. There were many slashes and hooks that should have been called. The Stingers came back with the offence again. A few chances including a slap shot by Evan Yong that broke a Caledon player’s stick. Then, Cole added one to the scoreboard. Their line was putting on a show with great passing, many shots on goal and of course, four goals after two periods. The game continued on the way it was. The Stingers were not backchecking but wre getting lots of shots on goal, both teams were rough and no penalties were called against Caledon. It did not take long to notice that Matthew was not going on the ice. He injured his groin early in the period but he stayed on the bench. The period ended 4-1 for the Stingers.
The third period started the way that the Stingers were hoping it wouldn’t. Caledon got two chances on a bouncing puck and the second got underneath William’s blocker. Trent tried to get the Stingers a make up goal right away. He took a great shot from the point but did not score.  The Stingers tried a bunch of individual rushes but could not get into the Caledon zone. The lack of passing lead to a great chance for Caledon that William stopped. The turnovers were starting to bother everyone as coaches and fans alike could be heard yelling. Then, the Stingers then put the game away. Aiden blocked a shot by a Caledon defenceman and went in alone against the Hawks’ goalie. He put the puck passed the goalie as if it was easy and the Stingers had another three goal lead. Caledon took a risk and pulled their goalie with 4:30 left in the game. The Stingers got all kinds of chances but they were all blocked by Caledon defencemen or missed the net.Tommy and Shane lead the way for the defence that shut down Caledon for the rest of the game. Evan K did get a penalty with a minute left but it meant nothing as the Stingers kept the puck out of their own end. The game ends 5-2 even though it looked like it would be different. Matthew, Aiden and Cole lead the way with all five of the goals. The only worry was Matthew’s groin injury. The Stingers lef the dressing room ready for a final that would be incredibly important. Their opponent would be their biggest rival…the Duffield Devils.


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