Fall Game #3

Mitchell Fox              October 27th

The Stingers third game of the regular season came against a tough team from Don Mills. The Mustangs had faced the Stingers a few times last season and all of the matchups were interesting. The Stingers were coming off of a 4-2 win over Goulding Park and were feeling good. For this game, #22 Conner Bradshaw was playing for the injured Trent Latham.

Danny’s line kicked off the game. The start was not great for the Stingers. Don Mills started off hot and got some good, early chances. The Stingers were turning the puck over far more than the coach’s would have liked. Cole got an early penalty for body contact. The Stingers goalie, William had to make a ton of saves to keep the Stingers alive. After four minutes of play, the Stingers did not have a shot on goal. It was a difficult penalty kill but the Stingers got through with good defence and intelligence. When the Stingers got the puck in their own end, the breakout struggled. The wingers and defence were caught making too many moves in the defensive zone and the Mustangs got a few good shots at William. Danny S finally got a good chance. A breakaway for him was always promising. He shuffled and shot…off of the crossbar. Slightly later, it looked like the Stingers could get their first shot. Evan made a very nice cross-ice pass to Henry but the Don Mills defence shut him down. The first period would end in a scoreless tie, but the Stingers did not have a shot on goal.

The second period started and Don Mills took off again. A two-on-one looked bad for the Stingers but the Don Mills winger fanned on the shot. A short time later, Henry blocked a shot and passed the puck over to Danny. He got passed one defenceman and shot…a foot wide of the net. The Stingers had missed another chance and still had zero shots. Some good offence and forechecking by Aiden lead to the first shot on goal for the Stingers. He stole the puck and came out of the corner. A nice shot from the slot was swallowed up by the Don Mills goalie.  The play started to even out but Don Mills was still getting more chances at the net. Walker tried to make an aggressive play to get the puck out of the zone but got a penalty for body contact. Matthew and Aiden came onto the ice as the forwards on the penalty kill and got the job done for a while. It was not enough though. The Mustangs were able to force Conner slightly out of position and then scored a very nice power play goal. Daniel C tried to even things up with a nice rush but was denied by the Don Mills goalie. The Stingers’ forecheck was not quite working in the second period. They were not quite pressuring the Don Mills defence enough. Just before the end of the period, Don Mills got a penalty for interference. After some nice offensive passing by the Stingers, the period ended 1-0 Don Mills with the Stingers on the power play.
The third period started with some nice chances for Davis’ line on the powerplay. This sparked the offence for the Stingers. Evan Yong scored a very nice goal from the point on the powerplay. A short time later, Danny S took off on a rush and put another one passed the Don Mills goaltender. The game started to go back and forth with good passing and aggressiveness from both teams. Cole ended up putting another goal into the back of the net on a nice play by the Stingers. The offence started to take off from there. The forecheck was good enough to force a ton of turnovers by the Don Mills defence and the puck control kept Don Mills in their own end. This was how the game went until a Don Mills player managed to take off on a breakaway. He tried to make a move on William but a nice poke check forced him to shoot off of the crossbar. From here, it was just good defence by the Stingers and lots of battles in the neutral zone. The Stingers won most of these battles and then got the puck into the Don Mills end. The game ended 3-1 for the Stingers after an amazing third period.


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