Fall game #6

Mitchell Fox                           November 7th

The Stingers’ sixth game of the season came against an old rival, the Faustina Fury. The two teams had not played against each other for a while but all of the games last season were very close. The Stingers were coming into this game undefeated and were hoping to keep it that way.

Davis’ line kicked off the game with a nice faceoff win. Right off the bat the Stingers got into the Faustina zone. Some nice forechecking and passing lead to a few good chance over the next two shifts. Less than two minutes in, Matthew put one into the back of the net from low in the slot. On the following faceoff, Matthew won the draw and the Stingers went back to work offensively. Cole shot from the high slot and it was 2-0 for the Stingers. This very strong start for the Stingers put Faustina on their heels. The aggressive forecheck of the Stingers forced all kinds of turnovers and the Fury struggled to clear the puck. Halfway through the first period, Walker got a penalty for slashing. The Stingers penalty kill was very good but Faustina managed to get their first shot on goal. The penalty ended and both teams showed off their aggressive nature. There were many great battles, a few nice interceptions and not a single shot on goal. The first period ended with the Stingers up 2-0. The Stingers were having a great game filled with teamwork, aggressiveness and speed.

The second period started and the puck went straight to the Faustina zone. After a great rush for the Stingers, the Fury came back with an attack of their own. Eventually, a faustina defenceman scored a huge shot from the point. Brendan did not look happy about the Stingers letting that shot be taken. Faustina continued to attack after that. They were very rough and were putting up some nice shots on Brendan. One of these shots lead to a scramble in front of Brendan where Aiden got a penalty. The penalty kill was very good once again. Evan played some great defence and the forwards managed to clear the puck out. When Aiden got out of the box, he received a pass and then made a pass over to Dylan. Unfortunately, the Faustina goalie did not feel like letting a goal in. The second period was very even but the Stingers were caught making some mistakes. The wingers were getting too close and many passes were missing the sticks. When the Stingers got the puck into the Faustina zone, they were good. Evan had three shots from the point on one shift! From here, the period ended with even play but a strong forecheck by Faustina. The score was 2-1 after two.

The third period started and the Stingers struggled to get the puck into the Faustina zone. The passing was great but there were few shots. The thing is, every shot missed the net. Faustina then caught the Stingers off guard. They started to really outskate and outmuscle the Stingers. This lead to some nice chances for the Fury. On one of these chances, Brendan had to make a huge glove save to keep the puck out of the net. The Stingers coaches noticed what was happening and started to talk to the players more. Nobody knows exactly what they were saying but it seemed to help. The Stingers came out with a nice two on one followed by some great forechecking. This forechecking eventually lead to a very nice goal for Aiden in the high slot. The thing is, faustina came right back. On the following faceoff, a Faustina player took off and basically skated right through three stingers before roofing a shot over Brendan’s shoulder. The game continued on in this back and forth fashion but nothing came out of it for either team.

The Stingers managed to win a close 3-2 game but it was scary in the second and third periods. Brendan had to play a very good game to help the Stingers hold on to their undefeated record. The game started with some nice speed but the Stingers looked slow in the last two periods.



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