Fall Game #7

Mitchell Fox                               November 18th 2016

The Stingers walked into Pleasantview Arena expecting a tough game. This was due to the fact that they were playing a rematch against the Don Mills Mustangs, the team below the Stingers in the standings. The last game between them ended 3-1 for the Stingers but it was much closer than the score would tell.

The game started well for the Stingers though. Matthew won the faceoff and the Stingers quickly got into the Don Mills zone. Cole got two good looks at the net before Don Mills took the puck back the other way. The game started looked even for the first three minutes or so. The play moved up and down the ice and there were a ton of turnovers. As the game went on, Don Mills started to look better than the Stingers. The Stingers well-known speed was not showing up and the turnovers were adding up. Despite this, Matthew’s line looked quite good. They were showing lots of effort and speed. The period started to come to an end and the Stingers didn’t look to good. They were being out-skated and out-muscled. This is exactly how the period would end. The only shots for the Stingers were in the first shift. A scoreless tie.

The second period started and Davis’ line looked better than they were in the first. The game was evening out but there was not a lot of action. There were some plays that looked like penalties and some good battles but that was all. Don Mills was still out-skating the Stingers but were not as dominant in the battles. William, the goalie, was playing very well but the rest of the team was still struggling a little bit. There were no goals for either team when the middle of the game was reached. Davis’ line tried to get some offence going with a nice play off of the faceoff but couldn’t do much. Liam and dylan had a nice chance on a two-on-one but the puck was taken out of the zone right away. This seemed to get the Stingers to show more effort. They started to play better but were still making a bunch of turnovers on blind passes. With a minute left in the second, there was finally a goal. Some nice passing in the offensive zone lead to a nice goal for Matthew. The defense started to play well after this. They were quick and were execute good breakout passes. The Stingers still didn’t get any other chances because they could not get into the Don Mills zone. The forwards started to look very tired and were not helping the defense. Luckily, the Stingers managed to make sure that the second period ended 1-0 in their favour.

The third period started well but the turnovers were still adding up. The Stingers’ defensive play was not quite as good as usual but they had not allowed a goal yet. Throughout the next four shifts, the Stingers got some offensive chances. Dylan got a shot on a nice stick-handle, Cole got a breakaway thanks to a great breakout pass by Walker and Davis got robbed by the goalie on a nice play by Liam. The following faceoff was won by Danny S. Evan grabbed the puck and let a hard wristshot fly. The goalie had no chance as the missile of a shot got through the five-hole. After this, speed became the name of the game. Both teams had a few chances but Don Mills took over. They scored once on a very nice two-on-one. Then, after some mistakes on the breakout by the Stingers, they put another one past William. It was a very sudden end to the game as Don Mills tied it up. The game ended 2-2 but for a portion of the game, it looked like the Stingers had no chance. The start and end of the game were not good for the Stingers but the middle was okay. William had to make 20 great saves to keep the Stingers alive.


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