Fall Game #8

Mitchell Fox                       November 21st 2016

The Stingers’ eighth game of the regular season game against Leaside Gold. They were still undefeated coming in and were looking to keep it that way. Coming off of a game where they struggled to pull off a tie, the Stingers wanted to show that they deserve to be on top. Taxi squad player, Carl, would be playing for #7 Liam McCluckie.

Davis’ line came on for the opening draw and started the game well. Davis won the faceoff and the Stingers showed some good speed. The forecheck to start the game was great because the Stingers were both skating and being aggressive. The game continued on and the play was very back and forth. The thing is, despite all of the chances, there were close to no shots on goal because everyone was missing the net. A short time later, Matthew kicked off the scoring with a nice goal from close to the net. This seemed to power the stingers offence. Good defensive plays by Evan, Tommy and Trent lead to good rushes. The Stingers speed and aggressiveness lead to a bunch of great plays in the offensive zone. This eventually lead to a very nice goal by Aiden. He received the pass and one-timed a snapshot from the high slot to put the Stingers up 2-0. This was followed by a penalty for Dylan. The penalty killing was good but Brendan had to make a couple of nice saves to make sure that the lead stayed at two. After some nice offensive chances for the Stingers, Leaside tried to make a push at the end of the period. The thing is, the Stingers defence were shutting down as soon as they got over the blueline. The first period ended 2-0 for the Stingers.

The Stingers started off the second period with some really good passing. The forecheck and offensive zone entries were almost as good. This all lead to some bad turnovers by Leaside. Some nice offensive plays off of these turnovers eventually lead to another goal. Two passes were made before Walker let a wrist shot go from the blue line. The goalie had no chance to see the puck past the screen. The only problem for the Stingers was hitting the net. In fact, the Stingers only had about five shots on goal after the halfway point but were leading 3-0 thanks to some amazing plays. Leaside was still struggling because they could not get out of their own zone or into the Stingers’ zone. The Stingers kept trying to take advantage but could not get pucks at the net. Trent finally got his chance. A very hard slapshot soared through the air…and hit the goalie in the chest. Nothing else happened before the period came to an end 3-0 for the Stingers.
Leaside got a penalty for elbowing almost right away in the third. Leaside won the faceoff and shot the puck down the ice. Two passes later, Aiden was off on a breakaway. He deked left, he deked right and shot. The goalie slid across the crease and robbed him. Aiden did not give up though. He passed the puck to Tommy at the point and started a new play. After a few passes, it was Aiden that put one over the goalie’s outstretched pad. After this goal, the Stingers kept going. They won almost every battle and they made some great passes. This eventually lead to Cole putting another puck into the back of the net.the line of Matthew, Cole and Aiden was dominating Leaside, practically by themselves. The rest of the team noticed this. They kept trying and trying but couldn’t quite put any pucks past the goalie. Leaside tried to come back with some aggressive plays at the boards but had no luck. Eventually, the great speed and passing by the Stingers lead to Aiden getting his hat trick. Another shot from the high slot gave Aiden his fourth point of the game. The next shift was an exciting one. Dylan got probably three shots from near the net and the Stingers made some amazing plays. The game would come to an end a short time later. The Stingers not only won 6-0 but also dominated the game. Matthew’s line was on the ice for every single goal and the rest of the offense was great.


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