Fall Game #9

Mitchell Fox                 December 12th 2016

The Streetsville Stingers came into the ninth game of their season feeling confident. They were playing against the Avenue Road Ducks, who they beat 5-0 on Halloween night. Taxi Squad player, Carl B was the only one that had not played that day. He was ready for anything. The coaches were quick to remind the team that they needed to be ready for anything. The question was: Would they be too confident for their own good?… or would they be able to hold onto their undefeated streak?

Matthew’s line got on the ice for the opening draw. Matthew won the faceoff and the Stingers went on offense. Some nice puck movement wasn’t enough to get a good shot on the net. Avenue Road was already proving to be a better team than the Stingers thought. The passing and speed was good and the defence was quite strong. Then, the Ducks got their chance. A bad turnover by the Stingers lead to three good shots on William. The third of these got past him. A short time later, Avenue Road was back in the Stingers’ zone. After William smothered a puck, a Ducks player jabbed his glove. Right away, Trent was there to knock him over. On the play, Trent and Walker got penalties and an Avenue Road player got a penalty that offset Walker’s. The penalty kill was not good. The Stingers were out of position and not going to the defencemen when they wound up for slap shots. Eventually, Avenue Road tucked one into the corner of the net. What the ref didn’t notice was that the net was off it’s pegs. The fans yelled and William tried to tell him but it was too late. They cannot take away the goal so they simply put the net back and the game continued. The Stingers did not get any better. The speed was not good enough, there were too many turnovers and the Ducks were easily able to get open. This all lead to a bunch of good chances for Avenue Road. At the very end of the period, the Stingers finally got some chances at the net. They had time in the offensive zone but did not get any shots on goal. The period would end 2-0 for Avenue Road.

The second period started off pretty well. It didn’t look good when Avenue Road got some chances. The Stingers’ defence were moving back too far and the Ducks got some chances. Then, the Stingers started to pass the puck well. The breakout was getting better and the Stingers were able to get into the Ducks zone. This would eventually lead to a great goal. The puck came out to the point to Evan Yong. He wound up and lasered a slap shot past the goalie. Then, the Stingers kept going. Davis’ line used some awesome passing and good speed to get Davis a great goal from the low-slot area. All of the sudden, it was 2-2. Only about a minute after the next faceoff, there was a confusing penalty. Henry got a holding penalty and the Ducks player got hooking at the same time. How does that work? The penalties offset and it remained at 5 on 5. Only seconds later, Avenue Road got another penalty. The Stingers tried to take advantage of the powerplay but had no luck. The effort got even better as the period went on. A while later, Avenue Road’s aggressive play got them a powerplay. Evan took a tripping penalty behind the net. The penalty killing was okay but the Stingers were out of position. The Stingers got another penalty when that one ended. Walker got a four minute penalty for tripping and hooking. It was quite confusing for the fans. The Stingers were playing well but were getting too many penalties. The period ended 2-2.

The Stingers penalty troubles continued. Evan got his second penalty of the game for holding. A five on three for Avenue Road was tough for the Stingers but the penalty killing was pretty good. William had to make a bunch of tough saves and Tommy had to make some nice defensive plays. After the penalties were both over and the Stingers were regrouping, Cole got a penalty for body contact. William had to be very good to keep the puck out. Liam was actually able to get a good scoring chance on the penalty kill. Right after the powerplay, the stingers were able to draw a penalty. The powerplay was good and there were a few chances. Trent got a great shot from the point, the passing was good and the Stingers were playing a proper powerplay. This all lead to the Stingers’ first lead of the game. Aiden put home a great shot from the high slot. The game continued an it was hard to tell what was going to happen next. The play was very even, there were all kinds of battles and the passing was amazing. Eventually, Avenue Road’s aggressive play got to them. There was some rough stuff in the corner and an Avenue Road player got a four minute penalty and game misconduct. At the same time, another player got a two minute penalty. The Stingers were going to play the last minute and a half on a five on three. The stingers continued in their good ways and Cole was able to get a puck past the Ducks’ goalie.

The very confusing game would come to an end with a score of 4-2 for the Stingers. The first period was nearly terrible while the rest of the game was quite good. The Stingers worked through many penalties and Carl played a great game while filling in for Dylan. The whole team played well but Davis’ line stood out the most. The goalie, William was easily the Stingers’ best player that game though.


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