Winter Game #1

Mitchell Fox                 January 2nd 2017

The first game of the winter season for the Streetsville Stingers Minor Bantam came on the day after New Years. With their recent tournament win in Hespeler, the team was ready to keep celebrating with a win to start the season. The game was against Faustina, a team that they have battled with many times over the last couple of years.

The game started with a faceoff win for Davis. The Stingers tried to get momentum right away and caught Faustina off guard a little bit. In the opening minute, a Faustina forward got a penalty. The powerplay was not good. The Stingers were slow and not very aggressive in the offensive end and Faustina was able to clear the puck multiple times. The Stingers woes continued and the goalie, Brendan had to make a bunch of nice saves. The Stingers tried to get themselves some offence but they could not get to the net. The passing was pretty good but the entire team was barely moving their feet. Eventually, the mistakes caught up. The Stingers got a penalty for too many men and were stuck on the penalty kill. Less than a minute into the penalty, faustina scored on a beautiful wrap-around. The next line came out and did their best to get back into the game but nothing was working on the breakout or in the neutral zone. Brendan had to make a bunch of saves because of the costly errors. Eventually, the Stingers got lucky. Matthew put a goal in from right in front of the net on a good shot, but a lucky chance. Unfortunately, this didn’t really help the Stingers. The period came to an end and it was tied at one, despite the fact that Faustina was the better team by quite a bit.

The second period started and the Stingers were still too slow. They were showing effort but not enough of it in the right places. The battles were good but the backcheck and forecheck were not. The communication errors and turnovers were starting to add up, as were Brendan’s saves. Matthew tried to pick up the team with a nice forecheck, but Dylan could not quite get a shot off on the great pass. On the following shift, Cole got a penalty for hooking. The penalty was much better this time around. Henry even got a chance on a breakaway! The thing is, he missed the net by about a foot. Brendan made four saves during the penalty kill but the Stingers were able to stop Faustina from taking the lead. The team started to look better after that. The defence were starting to play well and Dylan and Carl were showing great effort. The biggest problem was that the forwards were trying to do too much in the offensive end and were turning the puck over. One of these turnovers lead to a great chance for Faustina. Brendan had to make a sprawling save with the blocker while going the other way. Then, with 17 seconds left in the period, he made a huge glove save. The Faustina forwards kept coming though. With 9.4 seconds left, a hard one timer just barely got by Brendan. On the next faceoff, Davis was kicked out for going too early. Daniel Chiarelo tried his best but the huge Faustina centerman was too strong. Right away, Faustina took off on a two on one because of a defensive mistake. Trent tried to block the pass but the winger got the puck across to his centermen, who bamnged the buzzer-beater into the net behind Brendan, who almost made the amazing save. So, Faustina scored two goals in 9.4 seconds because there were no back checkers and the defence did not communicate. It was 3-1 Faustina after two.

The Stingers stood at the bench with their heads down for a good minute while coach James and coach Craig talked. The crowd was ready for the Stingers to get back into this tough game. The speed and effort was still lacking but the defence tried to help their goalie. Tommy blocked a great shot with the side of his leg and the forwards tried to back check with more speed. Eventually, the effort paid off and Aiden got a rush. He got to about the hashmarks and let one fly under the goalie’s glove. The Stingers main problem was that at this point, they were being outshot 25-6. They had two goals on six shots! The main problem was that there were barely any offensive chances because he breakout was lacking. The wingers were not receiving the passes and faustina was hard on the puck. Brendan was making a few too many nice glove saves for the liking of the coaches and fans. Faustina got a penalty about six minutes into the third. Shortly after, trent also got a penalty. The four on four was not very good because neither team really got any chances because they were too slow and sloppy. Less than a minute after the penalties ended, the coaches pulled Brendan. The Stingers extra man put some pressure on faustina and they ended up with a tripping penalty. The Stingers could not take advantage of the six on four or the six on three that they had for the last three seconds or so.

The Stingers lost 3-2 on this night because the speed and effort lacked. The focus was also not very good. This lead to turnovers and mistakes that should not happen. All of these things helped Faustina outshoot the Stingers 31-8. Brendan was really the only reason that this was a one goal game.


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