Fall Game #9

The Streetsville Stingers came into the ninth game of their season feeling confident. They were playing against the Avenue Road Ducks, who they beat 5-0 on Halloween night. Taxi Squad player, Carl B was the only one that had not played that day. He was ready for anything. The coaches were quick to remind the team that they needed to be ready for anything. The question was: Would they be too confident for their own good?... or would they be able to hold onto their undefeated streak? Matthew’s line got on the ice for the opening draw. Matthew won the faceoff and the Stingers went on offense. Some nice puck movement wasn’t enough to get a good shot on the net. Avenue Road was already proving to be a better team than the Stingers thought. The passing and speed was good and the defence was quite strong.


Fall Game #8

The Stingers’ eighth game of the regular season game against Leaside Gold. They were still undefeated coming in and were looking to keep it that way. Coming off of a game where they struggled to pull off a tie, the Stingers wanted to show that they deserve to be on top. Taxi squad player, Carl, would be playing for #7 Liam McCluckie. Davis’ line came on for the opening draw and started the game well. Davis won the faceoff and the Stingers showed some good speed. The forecheck to start the game was great because the Stingers were both skating and being aggressive. The game continued on and the play was very back and forth.

Fall Game #7

The Stingers walked into Pleasantview Arena expecting a tough game. This was due to the fact that they were playing a rematch against the Don Mills Mustangs, the team below the Stingers in the standings. The last game between them ended 3-1 for the Stingers but it was much closer than the score would tell. The game started well for the Stingers though. Matthew won the faceoff and the Stingers quickly got into the Don Mills zone. Cole got two good looks at the net before Don Mills took the puck back the other way. The game started looked even for the first three minutes or so.

Fall game #6

The Stingers’ sixth game of the season came against an old rival, the Faustina Fury. The two teams had not played against each other for a while but all of the games last season were very close. The Stingers were coming into this game undefeated and were hoping to keep it that way. Davis’ line kicked off the game with a nice faceoff win. Right off the bat the Stingers got into the Faustina zone. Some nice forechecking and passing lead to a few good chance over the next two shifts. Less than two minutes in, Matthew put one into the back of the net from low in the slot.

Fall Game #3

The Stingers third game of the regular season came against a tough team from Don Mills. The Mustangs had faced the Stingers a few times last season and all of the matchups were interesting. The Stingers were coming off of a 4-2 win over Goulding Park and were feeling good. For this game, #22 Conner Bradshaw was playing for the injured Trent Latham. Danny’s line kicked off the game. The start was not great for the Stingers. Don Mills started off hot and got some good, early chances. The Stingers were turning the puck over far more than the coach’s would have liked. Cole got an early penalty for body contact. The Stingers goalie, William had to make a ton of saves to keep the Stingers alive.