Christmas Tournament Recap

Due to the fact that I played the rest of the tournament in Hespeler because of Liam getting bronchitis, I decided to recap the rest of the tournament in one long article. It was a great tournament for the Stingers and oh boy, it was exciting at times. The second game of the tournament came against the Markham Waxers. This was another team that the Stingers had never seen play or played against. They went into the game hoping for a win because they were nearly guaranteed to move on to a good position with the win. The first period started and the Stingers got straight to work. It did not take long for them to gain some control over the game.


Christmas Tournament Game #1

Only three days after Christmas, the Streetsville Stingers were off to Hespeler, near Kitchener, Ontario to play in the second tournament of their season. After coming second in their last tournament, the Stingers were ready to make that achievement look like nothing. The first game of the tournament came against the London Bandits, who the Stingers had never heard of. This meant that both teams were coming in with a mentality of playing their game and trying their best to win. The warm-up ended and Matthew’s line hopped onto the ice. Right away, the Stingers showed their speed. The thing is, London seemed to be ready for this. They came right back with their own speed.